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My first Clean Beauty Swap: Lip Balms

Everyone has a first. For some it’s deodorant, others it’s mascara. For me, it was lip balm. Lip balms are a beauty essential that almost everyone (women and men) apply regularly on a sensitive and delicate part of their face. Whether we notice it or not, it’s also a product that we ingest. Most commercial… Continue reading My first Clean Beauty Swap: Lip Balms

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Where I Started Shopping Clean

When I first dove into clean beauty, I felt a little lost. Which brand to choose? And then, which product? How can I be sure it’s non-toxic? Will it work for my skin? So many brands are offering clean alternatives to your everyday products. Which is awesome but can feel overwhelming! Luckily, some amazing websites… Continue reading Where I Started Shopping Clean

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Read the label! 7 ingredients to avoid in beauty products

Now that you know the basic rules to decipher your beauty products' labels, I’ve selected the top 7 ingredients that you should avoid in personal care products. Tip: save the list at the bottom of the page for next time you go shopping! 1. Parabens Found in: Paraben is a type of widely used preservative to… Continue reading Read the label! 7 ingredients to avoid in beauty products

Cosmetics Ingredients

Read the Label! Some ground rules

After learning some basic (and scary) facts about the cosmetics industry, you now understand how crucial it is to investigate what’s in your products before making a purchase decision. You may already do it for your food, so why not do it for your personal care products? One must confess, it is all but an… Continue reading Read the Label! Some ground rules

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Quick & dirty facts about the beauty industry

Hold your wallets people. Your clean beauty journey doesn't have to start with you drastically throwing away all your current products and go on a clean beauty shopping spree. First of all, before spending your hard-earned $$$, your journey should start with educating yourself. You should first understand what's wrong with the beauty industry and why… Continue reading Quick & dirty facts about the beauty industry


2018 = clean (beauty) slate!

Hi I'm Laura, I'm originally from France and I'm now lucky to live in San Francisco, CA. Why Clean Beauty Slate? It all started a few months ago. I work as a marketing and business development manager for a beauty salon and day spa and, as such, am approached by a whole lot of new… Continue reading 2018 = clean (beauty) slate!