Clean Beauty for Him

You may have noticed. Once you start drinking the clean beauty Kool-Aid, it’s hard not to become a pain in the butt trying to convert all your loved ones... Of course, you don’t want them to keep on putting toxic stuff on their skin! My first victim? The hubby. 18 months later, I'm very proud… Continue reading Clean Beauty for Him


On Repeat: Current Night Skincare Routine

The transition to Winter means regular skin freakouts! I go from one extreme to the other: from sudden dry patches to unwanted blemishes appearing overnight... No way to predict. So I usually add a few steps to my PM routine to deeply cleanse while keeping my skin hydrated. So here is my current night regimen:… Continue reading On Repeat: Current Night Skincare Routine

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Fall Morning Routine Faves

Here are my current clean beauty favorites for my morning routine. A simple, straightforward regimen, perfect to transition smoothly into Fall skincare! 1. Osea Malibu Ocean Cleanser This was one of my first clean beauty crushes. The scent is divine and fresh. The texture is creamy and soft on the skin. It is full of… Continue reading Fall Morning Routine Faves


Nontoxic Sunscreen 101 — A comprehensive guide to safe sun care

June is here! Perfect timing to talk solar care. This is a subject close to my heart. I love the sun. I love going to the beach and getting my Vitamin D fix. But I confess, I’m also that annoying friend who asks everyone around if they applied sunscreen each time they’re outside… I firmly… Continue reading Nontoxic Sunscreen 101 — A comprehensive guide to safe sun care

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Lilfox Jungle Glow Enzyme Cleanser + Mask

I received this mini with my first Credo Beauty order and I must say: I’m hooked! Perfect for #sundayselfcare, whether you plan to Netflix & chill or want to prepare your skin for an Oscar kind of night. The Lilfox Jungle Glow can be used as a cleanser or as a mask. Only good ingredients… Continue reading Lilfox Jungle Glow Enzyme Cleanser + Mask

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Product Reviews: Follain’s Bestsellers Kit

One of my first purchases when I started my clean beauty transition was the ‘Bestsellers Kit’ by Follain. It was an easy way to discover and test out a complete clean skincare routine. It included 8 mini sizes (cute AF), which came in a reusable green pouch with Follain’s motto on it: ‘I like my… Continue reading Product Reviews: Follain’s Bestsellers Kit

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My first Clean Beauty Swap: Lip Balms

Everyone has a first. For some it’s deodorant, others it’s mascara. For me, it was lip balm. Lip balms are a beauty essential that almost everyone (women and men) apply regularly on a sensitive and delicate part of their face. Whether we notice it or not, it’s also a product that we ingest. Most commercial… Continue reading My first Clean Beauty Swap: Lip Balms

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Where I Started Shopping Clean

When I first dove into clean beauty, I felt a little lost. Which brand to choose? And then, which product? How can I be sure it’s non-toxic? Will it work for my skin? So many brands are offering clean alternatives to your everyday products. Which is awesome but can feel overwhelming! Luckily, some amazing websites… Continue reading Where I Started Shopping Clean