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PYT Beauty Eye Palette: No BS (Bad Stuff)

The PYT eyeshadow palette is my new go-to. Easy to use, super compact, it features 8 shades that transition smoothly from day to night. The matte, neutrals shade are perfect for every day wear, while the shimmery ones will keep you dancing all night (and stay put! Verified)πŸ’ƒπŸ» I love that PYT slips a little… Continue reading PYT Beauty Eye Palette: No BS (Bad Stuff)

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Where I Started Shopping Clean

When I first dove into clean beauty, I felt a little lost. Which brand to choose? And then, which product? How can I be sure it’s non-toxic? Will it work for my skin? So many brands are offering clean alternatives to your everyday products. Which is awesome but can feel overwhelming! Luckily, some amazing websites… Continue reading Where I Started Shopping Clean