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Product Reviews: Follain’s Bestsellers Kit

One of my first purchases when I started my clean beauty transition was the ‘Bestsellers Kit’ by Follain. It was an easy way to discover and test out a complete clean skincare routine. It included 8 mini sizes (cute AF), which came in a reusable green pouch with Follain’s motto on it: ‘I like my products like I like my people. Nontoxic.’

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Unfortunately, this exact same kit is not available anymore but Follain regularly offers similar discovery sets (like this one, which is 60% off!).

Here’s a review of all the products included.

Spoiler alert: They’re not bestsellers for nothing.

Also: This post is not sponsored in any way. The reviews are based solely on my genuine newbie experience 🙂

  • OSEA Ocean Cleanser 

Follain’s description: Sea minerals and organic red algae gently detoxify without disturbing skin’s protective barrier.

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Verdict: almost empty, buying the full size for sure. It’s simple and smells fresh. The texture is creamy and soft on the skin. It doesn’t dry it out but leaves it clean, hydrated, while also removing excess oil and impurities. Perfect for everyday use! Also: it’s packaged in beautiful recyclable glass bottles, which is awesome for the planet (and for your shelfies).

Feel the breeze, buy the full size here.

  • Farmaesthetics Herbal Hydration Mask 

Follain’s description: Somewhere between a luscious mousse and a soothing gel, this herbal mask soothes and cools as it delivers advanced anti-aging benefits.

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Verdict: Soothing, restoring, hydrating. A #sundayselfcare essential. It’s a thin mask that is pretty translucid when you apply it (sorry, not really selfie-friendly). Texture is refreshing, almost cold! It leaves your skin soft and smooth. In my opinion, it’s a great match for a drier skin. For my type of skin (combination), I have to alternate with a more clarifying mask.

Soothe your skin, get the full size here or buy this discovery set to get the mini!

  • Indie Lee CoQ-10 Toner

Follain’s description: Antioxidants – not alcohol – close pores, and aloe vera and hyaluronic acid optimize skin’s pH.

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Verdict: Smells lovely with NO artificial fragrance and feels lightweight. I use it after exfoliating, after a deep cleansing mask or just after a long shower when my face feels dry to rebalance its pH. It leaves my skin fresh and hydrated, a great base for my moisturizer.

Balance it out, buy the full size here.

  • PAI Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil 

Follain’s description: This bestselling oil does it all – conditions skin, improves firmness and evens out skin tone.

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Verdict: I was very skeptical to use oil on my face as I have a combination skin. But I had read so many raving reviews of this product that I gave it a try (also, it came with the kit…). And It completely changed my mind about oils! I apply it at the end of my bedtime routine. Not a big fan of the very raw scent. But the result the next day is amazing. My skin feels soft, nourished and looks luminous. Also, full size is only $40! Such a good price for an oil.

Get that glow, buy the full size here.

  • Erbaviva Awaken Body Lotion 

Follain’s description: Cocoa butter, aloe and shea butter merge with organic essential oils to nourish skin to soft perfection.

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Verdict: I like using this little guy for my weekend getaways. However, the texture is quite dense and it makes hard to get it out of the bottle and then it doesn’t easily penetrate the skin. On the bright side, when it finally absorbs, it’s doesn’t feel greasy or sticky. I guess it’s a good match if you’re looking for mild hydration with a pleasant, discrete scent.

Nourish thy body, buy the full size here.

  • Soapwalla Deodorant Cream 

Follain’s description: Baking soda reduces wetness, while tea tree and lavender oils deliver all-day freshness without health-harming aluminum or parabens.

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Verdict: The most effective clean deodorant I’ve tried! Truth be told, I’ve only tried 3 😉. But still! The creamy texture glides on the skin and leaves my underarms fresh for hours. I always have it in my handbag for a quick touch-up before going to an event. The cream texture can be a little unsettling at first but the application is not so bad in the end.

Freshen up, buy the full size here.

  • Follain Refillable Soap in Lemongrass 

Follain’s description: Wash anything and everything gently with healthy castile soap in our refillable glass bottle.

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Verdict: Fresh scent, eco-friendly refillable bottle, very practical travel format. You will need some lotion afterwards to hydrate.

Clean everything, buy the full size here.

  • Hurraw Lemon Lip Balm 

Follain’s description: Weightless and smooth, this lemony lip balm is the recipe for kissably soft lips.

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Verdict: you know I love that one (see other lip balms I love here)

Kiss away, buy it here.

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