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Beauty Heroes July Discovery: True Botanicals Hair and Body

For my third Beauty Heroes Discovery Box, I was happy to see that Jeannie and her team chose to highlight 1- True Botanicals, a brand I love, and 2- hair care, a clean beauty category that I hadn’t explored enough.

True Botanicals Shampoo and Conditioner

One reason of this oversight was: I read a lot of reviews before investing in products and, for shampoos and conditioners, I found that they were most of the time very expensive, for a result that was in most cases disappointing – not cleansing enough, unpleasant smell, not hydrating or over greasy… In a word, I was skeptical.

I’m glad to say this box proved me wrong.

True Botanicals Shampoo and Conditioner

Heroes: |Fresh| Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner

The shampoo uses a coconut surfactant and lathers beautifully without the harsh chemicals. It feels and smells good when I massage it on my head. It cleanses very well and, even if it doesn’t mean anything, the fact that it suds is psychologically reassuring.

For the conditioner, a little goes a long way. Same as the shampoo, it diffuses this exotic scent, a subtle blend of citrus, ylang-ylang, sweet violet and mimosa. Summer in a bottle! It leaves my hair soft, detangled and hydrated. 

Sidekick: |Grove| Nourishing Wash

July sidekick was the True Botanicals Nourishing Body Wash. It includes a blend of green tea, aloe leaf and olive fruit extracts that leaves your skin feeling clean, hydrated and super smooth.

The tropical smell is a blend of wood resin, cedar, sandalwood, orange and patchouli. It is a nice scent but very strong! And it lingers too much in opinion. This is the only critic I have (and it’s very subjective).

Another beautiful feature of these lux products: the packaging. Bottles are made of recyclable metal, pumps are reusable and they would make any bathroom look gorgeous.


This discovery definitely opened up my mind about clean hair products. Can’t wait to try more! Anything to recommend?

Talk to you soon beauties ❤

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